Tools for participatory training

Farmer Family Learning Group Seminar, by Per Rasmussen. Presentation including introduction to FFLGs, FFLG principles and terminology, FFLG processes and support structures and facilitator training. Download presentation.

FFLG-facilitator Introduction Course, Zanzibar FFLG2, by Per Rasmussen, Organic Denmark, Noel Kwai, Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement and Khamis Mohammed, UWAMWIMA. Presentation of training plan for a three-module course (15 days). Download presentation.

Designing for learning – practical insights from a study on member driven farmer groups by Lasse Englyst Olsen. Booklet translating master thesis and fieldwork working with FFLGs into practical hands-on advice to create fruitful learning environments for farmer groups, assist farmer groups in development and inspire new farmer groups. Download booklet.

Host team manual. A guide for host teams and for those, who guide host teams at Farmer Family Learning Group (FFLG) facilitator courses. Download manual.

Framework and catalogue of tools for Participatory monitoring for Farmer Family Learning Groups and Marketing Associations, by Mette Vaarst, Jane Nalunga, Thaddeo Tibasiima, Dinah Kizzah, Aage Dissing, Inge Lis Dissing, Gidi Smolders, Apollo Baguma, Godfrey Bogere, James Mutebi, Yusuf Wesonga, Longino Masareka, Michael Kitooke, Harriet Nakasi & Samuel Mugisha. Download framework.

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