Research in learning and action for food sovereignty

Food Sovereignty: A Critical Dialogue - Facilitating learning and action for food sovereignty on family and community levels by Mette Vaarst, International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, The Netherlands. Discussion notes presenting FFLGs as approach to strengthen local communities in West Uganda, build up social capital, share responsibilities for own development within and between families and reach food sovereignty. Download discussion notes.

Improving Small-Scale Farmer Households’ Livelihoods Through Participation in a Development Project and Conversion to Organic Agriculture by Laurine Schønning Kjærulff. Paper on case study on improving farmer households’ incomes and yields through conversion to organic agriculture (OA) based on participation in FFLGs. Download paper.

Organic agriculture, food security and empowerment through participatory development in Uganda by Ida Bilander. Thesis analysing the participatory nature of FFLGs. Download thesis.

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