Effectiveness in the FFLG approach

Since 2008 the Organic Farmer Family Learning Groups (FFLG) approach has been instrumental in spreading organic farming among farmer groups and representatives of local district administration in the western, eastern, and central areas of Uganda as well as in Zanzibar and Chamwino district in Tanzania.

The FFLG approach has proven to contribute to positive changes in food security, climate change adaptation and social capital for small-scale farmer families. The past 10 years more than 15.000 small scale farmers families in Uganda and Tanzania have improved their living conditions through the FFLG-approach.

Peer learning leads to sustainable, well organized farmer groups

In specific, the peer learning integrated into the FFLG approach, where farmers learn from each other, has proven to be a very efficient way to spread knowledge and experience to a wider target audience. The peer learning is a general feature of the FFLG approach in the form of rotational visits, backstopping, monitoring visits, formal and informal networks, and exchange visits among farmers, FFLGs and partners. Through the peer learning new technology, technical, social, and domestic problem solving, reducing workload, shared marketing etc. are adopted among the FFLG families.

Strengthening democratic participation

The Organic Farmer Family Learning Group approach has strengthened the democratic organization of small-scale organic farmer families, spearheaded the involvement of women and youth, formed sustainable marketing associations and increased earning opportunities - for the benefit of especially small-scale organic farmer families and their ability to adapt to and resist climate change.

Reaching more, for less

The Organic FFLG approach has shown its strength in being a very cost-effective agricultural advisory approach for the partners, through which with very limited resources a large number of small-scale farmers and their families are empowered. At the same time experience shows that local communities engaged in this approach strengthen their social capital and resilience in relation to crises, and that the Farmer Family Learning Group approach extends to surrounding neighbors and other villages due to the successful impact of the approach.

Learn more about the effectiveness in the FFLG approach in the below videos.

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