The ESFROMA program

The Organic FFLG Academy, Kilimo Organic Farmer Learning Centre (KOFLEC) is established as a part of the Program “Empowerment of small-scale farmer families through resilient democratic rural organizations, organic agriculture, market access and advocacy”.

The ESFROMA Program is implemented by Caritas Kampala, Uganda Rural Development and Training program (URDT), Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement (TOAM), UWAMWIMA and Organic Denmark 2020 – 2023.

The overall development goal of the program is to decrease food insecurity and poverty through organic farming and empowerment of small-scale farmers including women and youth in Uganda and Tanzania. Small-scale farmers in the rural areas of the target areas suffer from poverty, limited educational training and difficulties providing for their households and securing sustainable livelihoods for the family. Capacity building providing knowledge and skills is critically demanded to develop the agricultural practice, apply sustainable organic farming methods and produce yields that fulfill the demanded quality and quantity to gain access to relevant markets while strengthening resilience towards increasingly prevalent climate changes in the rural areas.

The FFLG approach provides a resilient framework for engaging small-scale farmer families in democratic rural organizations, empowering them to improve their livelihoods through capacity building, networking, participatory learning, exchange of practical experience and collective organic agricultural, marketing and advocacy efforts.


The ESFROMA Program is funded by Civil Society in Development.

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