Organic Denmark

Organic Denmark (OD) is committed to promoting organic production and consumption in Denmark and internationally. OD has existed for 25 years and been engaged in developing countries for the past 10 years with the purpose of decreasing food insecurity and poverty through OA and the FFLG approach.

OD has been deeply involved in introducing, enhancing and improving OA methods, the FFLG approach and advocacy support in EAC for 10+ years and has secured strong relations with relevant and competent local partners in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bhutan, Tanzania and Uganda.

OD is promoting organic development throughout the foodchain of farmers, wholesailers, restaurants, public kitchens, companies and comsumers. OD’s staff possess a wide range of competences within e.g. primary organic production; sales and market access for organic products nationally and internationally; organic conversion of foods in public and private kitchens; and consumer behaviour and demands in relation to organic sustainable consumption.

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