Caritas Kampala

Caritas Kampala is the socioeconomic development arm of the Archdiocese of Kampala, affiliated with Caritas Uganda and Caritas Internationalis, sharing common Catholic social teaching and a rights based approach to development. The organization has 27 employees distributed among different projects and departments, working to improve the quality of life for communities and individuals within Kampala, Wakiso, Mpigi and Butambala districts. In the course of its work, Caritas Kampala remained focused on how best to support the well-being of disadvantaged people, ensuring their rights to better health, opportunities to become financially independent, have access to sufficient nutritious food, and be further included within society.

The main functions of Caritas are animation (training with the purpose creating awareness & participation towards better livelihood) and coordination (harmonizing people in teams, groups, associations & cooperatives that are vital in the proper sharing and improvement of the available resources).

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